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About Timothy

I'm a technical & creative writer, and software/web developer - basically, a geek who likes to write. I've written books for Microsoft Press, Wiley Publications, user guides, and more articles than I can count on all my digits. While the non-fiction writing has been great, my heart lies in the telling of science fiction and urban fantasy stories.

My Zegin's Adventures stories are popular ebook and print releases on Amazon, and my latest full-length, romantic, sci-fi/urban fantasy novel, Air Born, is receiving glowing reviews (and awesome book selfie pictures) from around the world. Due to the clamoring of the loving fans and readers, my current focus for writing is Air Storm - the second book in the Air Born series.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, where the prevalence of coffee shops and hiking trails contribute to my inspiration. Aside from telling stories, I dabble in all sorts of computer technologies, I'm a public speaker and a promoter of effective life goals. I try to be insightful, but usually end up being humorous as I mumble here and on social media. If you're fortunate, you might find me planting an autographed book at a random location, or just handing one to a random person who likes to read.

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